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The Global BBA is a certified 4 year "post-baccalauréat" bachelor degree of excellence in management, designed to bring "post-baccalauréat" students to their full potential. As per Anglo-Saxon Bachelor degrees, this 4 year program is complete and ambitious, allowing to access qualified jobs and the best international double degrees. For those looking to pursue with higher education, our Global Bachelor in Business Administration can be a passageway to some of the best Master degrees. Our Global BBA is more than the excellence of one of the best renowned business schools in France and in Europe. The pedagogical approach is based on experimentation and on an openness to the world via its multi-campus tracks. Resolutely looking towards operational management, our Global BBA not only allows you to learn the fundamentals and develop skills aligned with such high academic level, but it is mostly a means to build and create by yourself academically and in companies. Your learning environment will thus be marked by this unique approach, and being a maker will open new horizons.

Key elements

  • A multi-campus program: Saint-Etienne - Paris - Casablanca - Shanghai – partner universities
  • Solid fundamentals in business and management with innovative pedagogy
  • Multidisciplinary learnings thanks to regional academic partners
  • Double degrees
  • Up to 19 months in internship and the possibility of dual apprenticeship
  • High quality management and a teaching Faculty made of experts from emlyon business school
  • High quality career support in a leading business school renowned for a strong employability


Find out more about the architecture of the 4 year of our Global BBA, and detailed courses below:

Double Degrees

In addition to international double degrees, you can take a double degree in year 3, with the W school, a school dedicated to digital content and creation, and major in “journalism, documentaries and fictions”.

Program architecture

Programme GBBA March 2020 GB

Examples of classes

1st year

  • Marketing Boomerang
  • Sales Management
  • Projet maker's academy
  • Project management
  • Company legal structures
  • Company success stories
  • Understanding accounting information and data
  • Costs and decisions
  • Marketing : analysing and understanding markets

2nd year

  • Introduction to Management (Social Sciences, Work and Human Resources Management)
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • CSR and Sustainable Development
  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Web search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Visual Basic and Data base

3rd year

  • International Business
  • International Business Law
  • Competitive & Business Intelligence
  • International Marketing
  • Human Ressources Management
  • Information & Digital systems

4th year

  • Corporate governance
  • Managing Sustainable Innovation
  • Operations management
  • Strategic & Change Management
  • Global Business Case
  • Brand management
  • Digital transformation and new management practices

A specialization (major) of your choice in the 4th year

Saint-Etienne Campus

  • Branding and Marketing Management
  • Creative Technologist
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • The making of management

Paris Campus

  • Marketing in Luxury Industries
  • Marketing in Sports

Shanghai Campus

  • Doing Business in Asia

Casablanca Campus

  • Doing Business in Africa