Innovative learning responses to meet global challenges

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The unique personality of the Global BBA program lies in a pedagogical approach based on experiential learning and the possibilities for a multi-campus experience. With a diverse choice of campuses ready to welcome you at different moments during your studies, we nevertheless guarantee a coherent learning and action approach. Depending on your degree and country of origin, we provide an adapted admissions process to the emlyon business school Global BBA and open up specific study paths. Each campus offers local perspectives as well as global mobility.

Key facts

  • A multi-campus program: Saint-Etienne - Paris - Casablanca - Shanghai - Partner universities
  • Solid fundamental courses in business and management with innovative pedagogy
  • Multidisciplinary contributions thanks to our academic partnerships in the regions
  • Double diplomas
  • Up to 19 months of internship and the possibility of work experience
  • The quality of the supervision and expertise of the emlyon business school faculty
  • The quality of career support from a leading Grande Ecole for a very high level of employability

Program architecture

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Examples of classes

1st year

  • Marketing Boomerang
  • Sales Management
  • Projet maker's academy
  • Project management
  • Company legal structures
  • Company success stories
  • Understanding accounting information and data
  • Costs and decisions
  • Marketing : analysing and understanding markets

2nd year

  • Introduction to Management (Social Sciences, Work and Human Resources Management)
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • CSR and Sustainable Development
  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Web search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Visual Basic and Data base

3rd year

  • International Business
  • International Business Law
  • Competitive & Business Intelligence
  • International Marketing
  • Human Ressources Management
  • Information & Digital systems

4th year

  • Corporate governance
  • Managing Sustainable Innovation
  • Operations management
  • Strategic & Change Management
  • Global Business Case
  • Brand management
  • Digital transformation and new management practices