Want to know how to join the Global BBA?

Admission GBBA

Students whose mother-tongue is French must apply through the French competitive exam procedure.

The admissions procedure is highly selective and demanding. Nevertheless, as emlyon business school aims to go beyond excellence, we pay great attention in our selection process to all the details and factors that could be indicative of your future potential. Our efforts do not limit themselves to selecting the best students; our responsibility is also to imagine how you, as an individual, can develop the potential that will enable you to exceed your own expectations while meeting the expectations of future recruiters.

The selective process is a challenge that can also represent a new start for you. We are looking for future makers, and this does not always mean being top of the class, as we know from experience.

Admissions requirements

It is possible to enter the program at different moments, from the first, second or third year on.

  • Admission to the 1st year:

For students in their final year studying for their High School certificate, for the IB or "National Baccalauréat", or for an equivalent certificate

  • Admission to the 2nd year:

For students presently completing a 1st year of university studies (to be validated by 60 ECTS credits) or a diploma certifying one year of successful study at a higher level and issued by an official higher education institution.

  • Admission to the 3rd year:

For students presently completing a 2nd year of university studies (to be validated by 120 ECTS credits) or a diploma certifying two years of successful study at a higher level and issued by an official higher education institution.

N.B. Students seeking to enter the program at this level (3rd -year) must have pursued studies in the field of management comparable to the contents of the first two years of the Global BBA program.

Selection Process

Selection for the Global BBA is competitive. Enter emlyon business school via a full online admission test.


Examinations are made of tests and a setting of fictitious situations to evaluate your organizational, strategic and relational skills. All these tests aim at evaluating your potential as a manager.


  • How do the tests unravel?

First of all, you must find out what context you are presented with, and take over the role you are allotted to achieve a specific goal. The business, or association to be dealt with is introduced, along with the co-workers and the issue at stake. Business cases and tests are all fictitious.


Step 1: managing messaging
You are asked to manage e-messages and interact with several counterparts.
When you are asked a question, 2 actions are expected of you:
- Among the various options, select the answer which you find to be the most appropriate and slide it into the message thread.
- Delete the least appropriate answer.
Messages all involve the context primarily explained.


Step 2: interactive meetings
You are asked to participate in 2 meetings: using avatars, you discuss with other participants who will share questions or issues. Select the answer among the multiple choices.


Step 3: cognitive tests
You have to solve a series of logic reasoning tests (for instance, domino test).


Step 4: reporting
This is a written exercise. You are asked to answer an open question as a report form, a final statement as a constructive hindsight regarding your preceding answers, or give your opinion.


Step 5: deferred video interview
This is a distant interview. You are filmed while answering questions displayed on your screen. You have 15 seconds to read each question and a limited time is set for each answer.

Admissions sessions

Admissions sessions are organized from mid December 2019 to August 2020.
To learn more about our admission procedures and apply online, create your account.
Candidates who hold a "French Baccalauréat" must submit their applications through the French competitive exam procedure : concours SESAME

Where to start the Global BBA

Global BBA - Campus Saint-Etienne

Admissions procedures

You are evaluated on the content and quality of your High School course work, your grades, your English skills, and on the basis of a prepared personal presentation (E-portfolio).

After successfully submitting your application online, you will take a personal interview (the interview can be conducted by Skype when necessary).

The decision concerning your admission to the Global BBA will be taken by the Admission Board directly after the selection phase.

Admissions sessions will be organized regularly up until September.

Modes of selection and their relative weighting for admission to the 1st-year program