Experience the time lapse implementation of an agile method, and the design thinking approach to develop a mobile solution mockup in less than 3 days: this is what the 500 year-2 students of the Global BBA program experienced firsthand, on all 4 campuses: Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Paris and Shanghai.

Some 100 teams started on all 4 campuses on a Tuesday morning in September with one mission: designing an application meeting with what future users will desire, in 3 days, and with one obligation, the application object had to be relative to any of the 4 objectives chosen among its 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG:

1- No poverty
2- Gender equality
3- Responsible consumption and production
4- Measures against climate change

Coached by a team of young entrepreneurs in the digital sector, each team had to bring to life their application idea, build personas and work with associated empathy cards, in order to gradually design a mockup of the targeted mobile app. Once mockups were finalized, they had to prototype them using the Figma platform.

After three days of intensive work, all teams had to pitch their project, thereby demonstrating both their creativity and high performance; one winning team per campus was then designated.

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The winning team from Saint-Etienne chose to develop an app relative to the “No poverty” SDG, and designed an application to make it easier for homeless people to get in touch with aid providers (individuals or shop owners) who can actually answer the primary needs of people in dire straits, and help them reintegrate into society, thanks to the help given by standard citizens.

The winning team from Paris chose to design an app relative to the “Sustainable Consumption and Production” SDG: the Eco Score Project is a solution allowing to understand and identify nutria-scores, as well as the production / manufacture location of mass-consumption products.

The winning team from Shanghai chose to build an application based on the “Gender Equality” SDG, targeting the fight against discriminations and violence, and more specifically dedicated to the prevention of assaults.

As for the winning team from Casablanca, they opted for a project aligned with the “No poverty” SDG, and designed an app putting into contact “secured and authenticated” associations with sponsors, actually showing and tracing how donations are being used.