Global BBA – Bachelor in Business Administration



The Global BBA, a Bachelor’s program structured around the leading Anglo-Saxon model, will prepare you for operational management and allow you to make a great start on a high potential career.
Whether you want to get ready to begin your career right away or continue with your studies, our excellent training will open the doors to a most promising future. 



The specific key points of the Global BBA are:

  • The quality of teaching and expertise of the teaching body
  • A innovative and balanced pedagogical program  spread over 4 years
  • Priority given to the international dimension, which is embedded in our academic program and potential pathways
  • Continuous preparation to enhance employability with very high-quality careers advice and support.

The Global BBA also offers:

  • A general program of study which also allows you to specialize
  • Solid core classes in business and management
  • Multidisciplinary support through our academic partnerships in the region
  • Minimum of two semesters abroad
  • Double diplomas
  • Up to 18 months of internships and the option of an apprenticeship

Find out more about the entrance competition:

  • A specific competition with continuous recruitment through the year
  • Exams which take place over the course of half a day
  • Competition exam centres across France
  • Admission into the first year is offered to those who have passed, or are due to pass, their A levels or high school diploma.
  • Admission directly into the year 2 is possible for students who hold an L1 (60 ECTS credit) qualification or a diploma or certificate demonstrating a year of university-level study delivered by an official higher education provider, whether French or foreign.

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