New world, new educational vision and new modes of learning

The future of today’s and tomorrow’s students is being built in a global and digital world. A world operating in a knowledge-based economy of innovation where transformations and disruptions are constantly remodeling factors that influence competitiveness and growth. An economy of relationships where intense collaboration and network connections are the new keys to the creation of shared value. An economy of immediacy where speed, reactivity and adaptability confer unprecedented competitive advantages.

In order to face these challenges, emlyon business school is anticipating, adapting, and transforming educational models and thus offering new modes of learning.

The maker movement was born 10 years ago around the Do-It-Yourself principle. Initially a concept that applied to DIY enthusiasts, it gradually spread to the world of digital firms and start-ups, uniting a whole community of creators, artisans, entrepreneurs, artists and educators in its wake. It signaled a transformation from invention to innovation, from prototyping to the industrialization of a brilliant idea.

Today, being a maker means controlling your destiny, being the actor and entrepreneur of your own journey, and moving from Do-It-Yourself to Do-It-Together in a spirit of collaboration. This concept reflects our vision of the entrepreneur: an individual who tries something out, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again and learns from the process. An entrepreneur must now combine this dimension of doing and doing quickly with the ability to anticipate, mix and nurture ideas, glimpse possibilities and develop them before anyone else. With our Global BBA we invite you to become an early maker, taking the best from our model of excellence and drawing on different fields in order to achieve your goals and deliver.

Entrepreneurs are makers, we make entrepreneurs.

Facts & Figures

emlyon business school ranks among leader

This triple accreditation, AACSBEquis and AMBA, from which emlyon business school has benefited for several years, and on which only a small number of international establishments can pride themselves, proves the long term educational efforts, resources and clientorientation that emlyon business school can guarantee. It also provides an evaluation of the relevance of what each establishment and set of programs have to offer as well as their development plans.

  • Ranked # 27 worldwide among business & engineering schools, # 2 French business school  (November 2017, The Times Higher Education, the reference compiled from the choices of international recruiters)  

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