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Two Global BBA students distribute eyeglasses in Sri Lanka

Joffrey and Lucas, two second-year students in the Global BBA programme, have spent one week in Sri Lanka distributing eyeglasses collected for their first-year project assignment.

As part of their project assignment (group work in the associative sector), Joffrey and Lucas adopted various strategies for collecting eyeglasses – organising a charity evening, creating partnerships with opticians and collecting pairs of glasses on the Saint-Etienne campus. They also raised funds through donations and forged a partnership with a company (Connaissance de Ceylan) to minimise their onsite costs.

1,044 pairs of glasses collected

In total, 1,044 pairs of glasses were collected thanks to the efforts of these two students. They fixed a distribution date in September with their onsite partner. The partner then liaised with village leaders to organise for hundreds of people to come to collect a pair of glasses. To put this into context, a pair of glasses costs between 8,000 and 10,000 rupees (€40/50), the equivalent of 15 days’ earnings for the villagers. 

For Joffrey and Lucas “It was a very emotional experience. We were completely immersed in the project and we hadn’t fully understood its reach. It wasn’t until we arrived in Sri Lanka that we realised that we had been able to help a whole village with our project.”

The project is expected to continue with the Human association, the humanitarian association of the Saint-Etienne campus. A photo exhibition will take place on the campus in November to present highlights from the trip.

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